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Demitris Memos Nov 15 16 Announcements

The last couple of days we  have been experiencing some issues with our mail servers, sometimes resulting in multiple email notifications.

This issue has been resolved, so we reset your notifications' counters to zero for this month.


We apologize for filling up your inbox and for any other disruption this issue might have caused.

Demitris Memos Nov 04 34 Announcements

During the past few days we have implemented a major update in the system, in order to ensure better data quality when it comes to vessels broadcasting wrong identification information (MMSI or IMO numbers) via AIS. Following the update we are able to distinguish between such vessels and we now show them both, with their respective details.

This has a few side-effects, such as multiple results when searching for a vessel with an MMSI number, or some irregularities in your Fleets. 

What you need to do: please check your Fleets and make sure they include the vessels you had selected. If one of your vessels uses the same identification number with another one, then there is a chance that the wrong vessel is included in your Fleet. In that case, remove it and search again for the correct vessel.

The same practice applies for notifications. That means that you should remove the vessel from your notifications' list as well.