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Upgraded Live Map | See More, Faster

Some days ago we have launched a new, upgraded version of the MarineTraffic Live Map - fresher in look and feel, more efficient and fast in panning and zooming.

What's more, you can now see the whole picture of the global maritime traffic on your screen (regardless of zoom level) in near real-time as we bade our green clusters farewell!

It goes without saying, that all other features and functionalities including Advanced Filters, FleetsDensity Maps and other Layers are still there so that you can get a top-notch user experience every time you interact with the Live Map.  

What we had in mind, was to facilitate moving around the Live Map while tackling technological limitations so that MarineTraffic users can retrieve meaningful information in no time. 

Dimitris Lekkas, the Founder & CTO of MarineTraffic, has written a very interesting post in the MarineTraffic Blog where he provides more details on the subject - make sure to read it.

We hope you enjoy the new Live Map as much as we have enjoyed building it!

As always, do not hesitate to share your feedback in the comments below.

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