Use Playback on the Live Map Toolbar

- Available with the Playback Service and the MarineTraffic Essential Bundle -

Playback is a unique feature that enables you to replay all vessel activity in a specific area at a given time in the past. To use it, you must first click on the Playback icon on the Live Map Toolbar.


Now, clicking on the Playback icon will prompt the Area Playback control box to come up.


You can then zoom in the desired area, select a starting time and a duration and then start the playback to view all vessel activity. For this to work, you have to make sure that the zoom level is 10 or higher. You can check the zoom level in the address bar.


Alternatively, you can:

  • Select your fleet. This option will replay the tracks of all the vessels included in the fleet you have selected. The map will automatically zoom to display all the vessels of the fleet.
  • Select a specific vessel. Search and select a specific vessel to replay her tracks. If more than one vessel is selected, the map will automatically zoom to display all the vessels of the list. Keep in mind that the number of vessels you can view simultaneously depends on the Vessels Historical Track allowance of your subscription level. For more information click here.
  • Select a predefined demo. Select one of the predefined playback demos to review the capabilities of the tool. The demos available include some indicative cases where a playback may be required, such as high traffic areas, port close-ups, regattas, and incidents.

Once you are in the Playback Mode, another menu will appear that will allow you to:

  • fast forward the vessel's movement by clicking on the plus (+) sign.
  • slow down the vessel's movement by clicking on the minus (-) sign.
  • reverse the vessel's activity, and see them moving backwards, by clicking on the two arrows sign.

Furthermore, you can select whether you want the tracks, the names of the vessels or the speed to be displayed too, by ticking the appropriate box.


Playback is designed to support incident review, pattern analysis media reports, regatta racing observation and any application based on historical tracking data. Take your time to explore the infinitive possibilities with Playback!


Note III: Guest users will be allowed to view any of the available "Demos" and a playback of a single vessel. Logged-in users who have not purchased the playback service, apart from the Demos, will be able to select a fleet and see the playback for a duration of 2 hours for the previous day.