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Notifications | Actively monitor Speed changes

The Speed over maximum and Speed below minimum Notifications have just been released. 

The Speed over maximum Notification will be generated if a monitored vessel reports sailing over the maximum speed limit that you have set. For example, if you are monitoring an area with speed restrictions, you can define the maximum limit to match the restriction and be notified in near real-time if a vessel exceeds it!

Similarly, the Speed below minimum Notification will let you know of vessels that report sailing at speeds below the minimum limit that you have set. 

In both cases, you will also receive a follow-up Notification when the subject vessel returns within the limits that you have set.


Versatile asset selection

Both Notifications can be applied to certain Vessels or whole Fleets. Alternatively, if you are interested in specific market segments, the Type/Capacity filters can be used. Notifications can also be set-up based on Ports/Areas (Standard or Custom) or any combination of the above. 


Tailor-made solutions

Upon selecting assets, all you have to do is to define the Speed thresholds (in knots) and let MarineTraffic take care of keeping you informed! As always, you can combine the new Notifications to create sets of Notifications that suit your actual needs and improve your situational awareness! 



Will you make use of the new Notifications? Use the comments below to let us know your thoughts, ideas and feedback!

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