API | No or Empty responses

Some of the most common reasons for receiving no data/empty responses from your API calls are:

No record in the MarineTraffic database during the defined timespan

  • You can try to alter the timespan (be careful not to exceed the upper timespan limit of each API call). You may also contact us to ask for the latest record in our databases that would suit your needs.

No terrestrial coverage in the area

  • The vessel(s) sails in an area with limited coverage from terrestrial AIS-receiving Stations. Consider upgrading your service to also include satellite coverage.

The actions mentioned are applicable to the following API Services:

PS02 - Vessel Positions

PS03 - Vessel Positions of a MarineTraffic Fleet

PS04 - Vessel Positions within a Port

PS05 - Vessel Positions in a Predefined Area

PS06 - Vessel Positions in a Custom Area

PS07 - Single Vessel Positions

EV01 - Port Calls

VI01 - Voyage Forecasts

VI02 - Expected Arrivals