Create and Manage your Business Profile

MarineTraffic can help promote your business and the services you offer in the Maritime industry through our Business Directory. 

The Business Directory has been created to give suppliers exposure to the huge number of maritime professionals using MarineTraffic every day. Companies listed in the Directory benefit from increased visibility and are presented to buyers at the key points in their purchasing process. Being listed at the ports you serve will put you directly in front of the key decision-makers as they search the directory and navigate the Live Map.

In this article, you will about the following:

Create a Business Profile

In order to start creating your Business Profile, you will need a registered MarineTraffic account. Then, simply visit My Account, select the Business Profiles tab and click on the “LIST YOUR COMPANY” button  shown below:Create_Manage_Business_Profile.pngTake some time to provide MarineTraffic with information regarding your Company in the form that will be brought out. Note that:

  • All Company Details must be provided in English
  • The more complete and accurate the profile is, the higher the chances for more visibility to other MarineTraffic users (and, of course, potential customers, clients or partners)
  • Fields marked with * are mandatory and cannot be left blank
  • The checkbox at the bottom of the form has to be ticked (make sure you have read and understood the statements next to it)

Once you are ready click on the Submit button (bottom right corner).final_checkbox.PNGNote: All incoming applications get manually reviewed by MarineTraffic to ensure that only trusted and operational Companies will be listed in the MarineTraffic Business Directory. You will then be informed via email as to whether your Business Profile has been approved or not.  

Once your Business Profile gets activated you can start enjoying the benefits of added visibility to millions of MarineTraffic visitors from all over the world!

Manage your Business Profiles

Once you have created your Business Profile, you may want to edit some of the information you have provided MarineTraffic with, add more information or, even, add another Business Profile for a different branch.

In any case, the process is rather easy and similar to that of creating your first Business Profile. Enter the My Account section and click on the Business Profiles tab. The already created Business Profile(s) will be listed there.Manage_your_Business_Profiles.png

  • To Edit the information of an existing Business Profile, simply click on the subject Company's name. Now you can make any changes or additions to it. When you are done, click on the Submit button.

Note: The email used for your MarineTraffic account registration has to match the domain name of the registered Company. Additionally, any changes/updates/additions will be subject to a manual review by MarineTraffic.

  • To Add another Company branch/Business Profile, simply click on the Add new button. The application form will be brought out where you can fill in all the relevant information. As always, click on the Submit button to finalize the process.

Note II: Multiple Business Profiles can be useful if your Company operates in multiple ports. For example, if your company has offices in Singapore, Hamburg and Rotterdam you can create 3 Business Profiles - one per branch.