Promote your Company

MarineTraffic offers a series of benefits for free to any maritime-related Company that gets listed in the Business Directory

If you want to further distinguish your business and stand out in the Port(s) you serve, there is the option of subscribing to a Promoted or Super Promoted Listing service and supercharge your business' visibility. 

The following table contains information about the extra benefits of a promoted listing.

Business Directory listing Yes Yes Yes
Ports details page listing Yes/ 1 Ports Yes / 3 Ports Yes / 10 Ports
Multiple Ports details page listing No Yes / 3 Ports Yes / 10 Ports
Live Map notation Grayscale Pin (1 location) Coloured Pin (1 location) Company Logo (1 location)
Company InfoWindow Name Name, Logo, Description Name, Logo, Description
Direct Link to your website No Yes Yes

Let's have a look at the extra features you get with a Promoted listing: 

  • When creating a free Business Profile, it can be tied to a certain Serviced Port only - the subject company will be included in the relevant list for this particular Port under the corresponding industry. With a Promoted or a Super Promoted subscription, your company will be included in the relevant lists of (up to) 3 or (up to) 10 Serviced Ports respectively (applicable to Business Directory and Live Map lists)

GIFMaker_me (13).gif

  • Depending on the Service Level (Free / Promoted / Super Promoted), the company notation on the Live Map will be changed from a Grayscale Pin to a coloured Pin or to your Company Logo - making it much easier for other users to see it and click on it... Kindly note that the Pin will be located only at the point of the registered address.
  • find more details about your business. The Company InfoWindow will also be changed from generic to company-specific including details about your Company such as Logo and Description as well as a direct link to your website!

To activate a Promoted/Super Promoted service, simply click the Promote button next to the Business Profile you have created as shown below:


You will be redirected to the Service page where you can make your choice and complete the purchase. 

As a last step, you may want to:

  • Create a Corporate Account to supervise and organise your Company's user profiles (instead of having multiple personal MarineTraffic accounts)
  • Consider your Advertising Opportunities with MarineTraffic and reach your targeted audience

You can also click here to know more about the Promoted services. 

Note: you must have added a Payment method to complete your purchase - click here to learn more.