NASA Marine AIS Engine 3





Former FleetMon used the AIS Engine 3 from NASA Marine (UK) until January 2019. This device was combined with the SENA LS100 Serial-to-IP converter to transmit the data. This device was very reliable, but its performance was no longer comparable with other devices when it was changed, which is why the Comar R400N replaced it.


Technical Information


1 Channel AIS receiver, for 161.975 MHz and 162.975 MHz

Class A/B


10V - 16V DC, 43 mA

5,5*2,1mm Power connector


BNC 50Ω for antenna

Serial RS232 9 Pin connector

Power connector


Red Power LED

Green Reception LED

Output NMEA0183, 38.400 Baud, VDM
Dimensions 115x100x30 mm
Weight ??? g



Wiring Diagram



The antenna is connected to the BNC connection on the left-hand side using the coaxial cable supplied.

The connection for the power supply is located to the right of the BNC connection.

The serial connection is on the right-hand side, where the link to the SENA LS100 is made using the supplied serial cable.


LED Status

On the bottom of the AIS receiver, you will find a red and green LED light.

The red LED (POWER) shows that the device is on. If no red light appears, recheck the power connection.

The green LED (DATA) blinks from time to time when it receives AIS data. If the green LED does not blink irregularly, check the antenna, the coax cable and the cable connections. Its indicate that the device receive no AIS data.


To test the station further, continue with testing the serial-to-IP converter, the SENA LS100.



- SENA LS 100