SENA LS100 Serial-to-IP converter


Former FleetMon used the SENA LS100 with Weatherdock EasyAIS or AIS Engine 3 until January 2019. The SENA LS100 Serial-to-IP converter was needed to transmit the serial data from the AIS receiver. This device was very reliable, but it was no longer necessary with the newer Comar R400N. Several of these devices have a similar concept of receiving the serial data and forwarding it via the network to a configured IP and port.


Technical Information


1 Channel AIS receiver, for 161.975 MHz and 162.975 MHz

Class A/B

Power 7.5V - 15V DC, 300 mA*7,5 V

10 Base T Ethernet connector

Serial RS232 9 Pin connector

Power connector


Red Power LED

Green Ready LED

Green Serial RX/TX LED

Green Link LED

Orange Act LED

Dimensions 100x72x25 mm
Switch Yes, must be in Data position


Wiring Diagram



The serial cable from the AIS receiver is connected to the serial port on the bottom of the device.
Next to it is a red switch, which must be on the left side in the Data position.
Power is connected to the top of the device on the right-hand side, and the network cable is connected on the left.





LED Status

The red LED (POWER) shows that the device is on. If no red light appears, recheck the power connection.

The green LED (READY) indicates the network status and whether the device has received an IP address. It requires a DHCP server in the network, which is usually integrated into your router. If the LED is permanently ON, the device has received an IP. If the LED flashes, the device searches for a DHCP server and has not yet received a network configuration. If the LED is blinking or is off, check the network cable and whether the cable is also connected to a router or switch.

The green LED (Serial RX/TX) blinks when the device receives AIS data from the AIS receiver via serial connection. Please check the reception LED at the AIS receiver or the serial cable connections if the green LED does not flash. 

The green LED (LINK) is constant green if a network cable is connected to the device and a router or switch. Check the network connection or change the cable if it does not light up.

The orange LED (ACT) blinks if connected to your network and sends data. If it does not light up, check the network connection or change the cable.



AIS receiver