FleetMon and MarineTraffic Merge: Process for former FleetMon AIS partners from January 2024

In February 2023, Kpler successfully acquired FleetMon and MarineTraffic, marking a significant milestone. This acquisition provided a unique opportunity for the two platforms to grow together and create a unified and robust AIS community and network.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all partners for their invaluable contributions to our AIS community. Your active involvement plays a crucial role in advancing maritime safety, and we are thrilled to continue this journey with you under the Kpler/MarineTraffic umbrella. To ensure the security and privacy of each partner's personal data, we cannot automatically transfer this information between the two platforms without explicit consent. Rest assured, the AIS data received from your station has already been seamlessly merged and is securely preserved.


FleetMon will be phased out from January 2024 as part of the completion of the merger. To remain an active part of the AIS community as a former FleetMon user, it is necessary to move your personal user data to MarineTraffic. If you did not have the opportunity to give the necessary consent in advance, you will find all the necessary information on how to proceed here. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this exciting phase of growth and integration.


I use my own equipment and share the data with FleetMon.

If you receive AIS data through your personal equipment and currently share it with FleetMon, kindly ensure that you also extend this data sharing to MarineTraffic. For partners who haven't initiated this process already, a guide on sharing your AIS data and establishing a station on MarineTraffic can be found by following the link below. Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining seamless data sharing across platforms.

Add an AIS Receiving Station to the MarineTraffic Network

Please keep the forwarding to FleetMon active. We will reach out to our partners who send data to both platforms again and inform you if this forwarding is no longer required.


My FleetMon AIS station is not visible.

Within FleetMon, AIS stations are not visible on the map.
Consequently, all stations transmitted by FleetMon may not automatically appear on the MarineTraffic map or within the app. Should you wish to enable this feature, kindly reach out to our support team. They will be happy to assist and activate it for you.

You can find your station page with the statistics here: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/users/my_account/stations/index


I currently utilize FleetMon equipment and have not yet granted consent.

If you own and operate an AIS receiver set from FleetMon but have not had the opportunity to authorise the transmission of your data: Please ensure that you already have a MarineTraffic account. Kindly send us an email at the following address:


To speed up the process, use "FleetMon AIS Station" as the subject and provide us with essential details, including your email address, name, and phone number. This will facilitate the seamless connection of your station to your MarineTraffic account.


I want to install my FleetMon station or have technical issues.

For those with FleetMon equipment that is not installed yet or facing technical challenges, you can access relevant articles in our Helpdesk. These articles cover the FleetMon hardware and include step-by-step instructions on installation and offering additional details to help identify and troubleshoot potential issues.


AIS Engine 3SENA


In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to techsupport@marinetraffic.com