How to find my serial port number

It can sometimes be challenging to find the right serial port to connect the AIS receiver to the software. Under Mac this is sometimes easier than under Windows, but both variants are described here.



When you connect the serial cable of your AIS receiver to a USB port (with a Serial-to-USB-Converter), the Windows Operating System will create a virtual COM Port. The number of this COM Port is needed for the configuration of several AIS-related programs.

Follow the instructions to get your COM port number:

- Open Device Manager (Start → Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Device Manager)

- Look in the Device Manager list, open the category "Ports", and find the matching COM Port

- Take the number in the bracket behind the port description





Open the terminal with CMD+Space and search for "Terminal" and start the application. Enter the following to search for the serial ports.

ls -la /dev/tty.usbserial*

If you do this once without the device and once with the device connected, you can easily compare which is the correct path. Remember the path for the further setup of your software.