Port call log

- The Port call log feature is available with the Standard, Professional, Professional Plus, Global Satellite and Fleet Management Solutions Plans -

By clicking on the Port call log tab from the Vessels' Detail page, you will be prompted to access port call information ranging from 3 days, 1 month, or up one year in the past, depending on the subscription plan you've selected.




Within this page, you will find details regarding the most recent port calls of the subject vessels. Specifically, you can view information such as the Port, Actual time of arrival, Actual time of departure, and the Duration of the vessel's stay within the port.

To access a comprehensive list of port calls, click on the "View full list" option located at the bottom left corner of the screen. This action will redirect you to the Arrivals and Departures page, where you can explore all port calls worldwide associated with the vessel you're interested in.

You can adjust the dates to navigate through arrivals and departures, and apply filters based on various parameters to refine results according to specific segments of the shipping market. By combining these filters with voyage-related criteria, you can create an export which you can export, regarding the vessel movement patterns and historical data.