Performance insights

- The Performance insights feature is available with the Professional, Professional Plus, Global Satellite and Fleet Management Solutions Plans -

On this page, you can access all details concerning the performance of the vessel you're interested in. This article will provide a thorough debriefing on each section to offer deeper insight.

Areas Serviced :Access a list of all the ports, countries and trade areas, going back to 2015, enabling you to explore historical data and gain insights into global maritime activities over an extended period.

Speed vs draught Profile: A descriptive graph illustrating the relationship between a vessel's speed and draught is provided, highlighting potential ship-to-ship transfers for commercial vessels. This graph is downloadable in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG formats, and can also be viewed in full screen for detailed analysis and visualization.




Vessel's Speed vs Wind Profile: Access the speed vs wind profiles for commercial vessels. See how vessels perform in headwinds, crosswinds and tailwinds, and how that compares with other similar vessels, in full screen display.


Vessel Utilisation: Provides a detailed breakdown of the time spent in various states including waiting, underway, idle, and at port for any vessel. Additionally, users can access statistics on the number of voyages made, total duration and distance sailed, as well as voyage speeds for both the last month and year.


AIS transmission quality: Provides insight into the frequency with which destination and arrival times align with what vessels declared in their AIS transmissions. Additionally, offers an indication of the validity of the MMSI, IMO, and Call Sign information being broadcasted.