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We’d like to welcome you to the Fleet Management Solution community! We’re very excited to have you onboard and we can’t wait to assist you to Monitor, Plan and Report with confidence anytime, anywhere. 

The Fleet Management solution is a single dashboard  solution which includes all the facts you need to know about your vessels, their voyages, and the global fleet around the world.. The dashboard can be shared amongst  team members with the ultimate goal to save you time and effort in your daily workflows.

Here is a quick walkthrough into the Fleet Management Solution, so let’s get started:

Vessel Monitoring

Follow the voyage of your vessel as it crosses the oceans, and be immediately notified when mission-critical events occur.

  • Global AIS tracking

    MarineTraffic tracks vessels anytime and anywhere via Global AIS:  world's largest Terrestrial Network,  combined with roaming and satellite AIS. Once you've grouped vessels in your fleet, you can activate Satellite Tracking for a vessel of your choice.
  • Inmarsat-C and VSAT integration

In case AIS data is not available, you can get *two vessel positions per day from the Inmarsat-C terminal of your vessel. Enhance tracking data even more by integrating vessel positions collected through the VSAT network into MarineTraffic. 

  • Save your vessels in Fleets

Group the vessels that matter to you into one or more Fleets by saving your vessels into Fleets, will help you find them easily on the map and monitor their voyage live.

  • Unlimited notifications

MarineTraffic is monitoring vessels 24/7. By setting up a Notification we will inform you directly into your inbox or mobile device for selected vessels, about disruptions during a voyage, bad weather, planned operations, voyage information updates and other mission critical events. Stay up to date with all the latest occurrences regarding your Fleets or vessels and your Ports and Areas (Standard commercial areas or Custom areas) of interest

Set up your notifications

Being up-to-date 24/7 by monitoring the vessels that matter to you, can be challenging. Click on “My Notifications” and set up your own.


  • Custom Areas

Create custom areas on the Live Map so you can closely monitor all the marine activity and capture all the "action" on the territories you define in the areas that matter to you.

  • Weather maps layers

The Weather Maps layer on the Live Map will provide you with more than 23 weather layers which will help you ensure the safety of a vessel and her crew. With the “Route Forecast” option enabled, you will be able to move the weather maps timeline slider, available in the bottom of the map, and a ghost vessel will be shown at the expected position of the vessel at each time-step.

Operations Planning

  • Voyage Planner

With the “Voyage Planner” you can get route suggestions for Port-to-Port passages, predict accurate ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and ETD (Estimated Time of Departure) for each leg, based on powerful AIS analytics and estimate TCE (Time Charter Equivalent) or ask for freight rates for voyages.

  • Port Congestion

View comprehensible congestion charts about the port’s weekly activity and check weekly waiting times by port, market and vessel size class to be better prepared and avoid potential delays at ports.

  • Nautical Charts

A unique map type that offers detailed charts, global view of navigable waters with bathymetry, landmarks and sea hazards as provided by Hydrographic Organisations. 

  • Voyage Data

Get access to a full set of information regarding the past, the current and the future voyage for the vessels you have selected. It also includes “Past Track” and historical positions up to 1 year back, voyage information such as distance traveled and remaining, Load Condition and voyage forecasting such as Destination, Predicted Route, Calculated ETA and Weather across the route. 

Voyage Reporting

Get a comprehensive overview and visual summary of the voyage. Review pilotage, bunkering or charter party compliance.

  • Vessels Events

In MarineTraffic we record several different Vessel Events during a vessel’s voyage for over 30 distinct types of vessel events during a vessel’s voyage (these events can vary from Docking, Arrival, ETA changed, events relating speed and more), historical data for vessel movements and voyage events for the last 365 days. This enables you to visualize past routes, create and export position reports for any vessel in the world.

  • Playback

Create and watch animated replays of historical vessel movements of one or more vessels on any area in the world, and see their past movements, combined with nearby traffic for the last 5 years, to review individual behavior or the interactions of multiple vessels. Playback enables you to replay vessel activity on the Live Map

  • Post voyage report

Create a post-voyage report for a selected voyage the vessel has completed, getting access to useful insights, vessel performance and charter-party compliance of the vessel's speed against weather conditions to eliminate risks. Simply go to Vessel Details page and click on “Voyage Reports” button to get started. If you need more information about “Voyage Reports”, click here.

If you have any questions, check out our Help Center or contact us directly.

Happy tracking!