AC Antennas CX4 Antenna


The CX4 antenna by AC Antennas is a high-quality VHF antenna designed for receiving VHF signals in land-based environments. It provides high performance and reliability for VHF signal reception. With its robust construction and weatherproof design, the CX4 antenna is ideal for use on land, such as for receiving terrestrial radio signals at base stations. It is characterized by its compact design and ease of installation. The CX4 antenna offers good reception range and signal quality, making it an excellent choice for terrestrial VHF reception.


Technical Information

Frequency Range 146.0 - 162.5 MHz
Type 360° Omnidirectional Antenne, vertical polarization
Gain 2.15 dBi
Material Fiberglass
Impedance  50 Ohm
Connector SO259 (UHF female)
Length 1,26 m
Weight 500 g (+600 g Mounting)
Wind Loading 200 km/h
Mounting extra mounting (N171F) for mast, handrail, and wall installation
Rail/Mast diameter 30 - 61 mm
Material Mounting Stainless steel



The AIS antenna comes with the appropriate bracket (N171F), which can be used to attach the antenna to a mast, railing, or wall. The maximum diameter of the pipe can be 61 mm. For wall installation, screws, washers, and possibly dowels are needed and are not included.

Mounting installation


For easy installation, you can first attach the bracket. Then, the antenna can be inserted from above into the bracket and secured with the washer and nut.

Please ensure that everything is securely tightened during installation to prevent the antenna from moving and being damaged.


Antenna installation




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