Hotspot Mode

All Pi-based AIS receivers from MarineTraffic have a hotspot mode for initial setup via Wi-Fi. For security reasons, this mode is only activated after some time and is permanently disabled once the device is connected to the internet for the first time. The Hotspot Mode will only be reactivated if the Wi-Fi settings are reset through the dashboard to set up the Wi-Fi again. In some other cases, this mode can also be helpful, for example, if there is no active DHCP server in the network and a static IP needs to be assigned.


Activating Hotspot Mode

The system automatically activates the hotspot mode when the AIS receiver is turned on, and there is no active network connection. This mode is not immediately active, but it activates about 10 minutes after turning on the AIS receiver.

As mentioned, the mode is only available during the first setup before the device has connected to the internet.



1. Unpack the device and turn it on by connecting the power supply. Make sure you have not connected the network cable.

2. Wait about 10 minutes and then search for the network "SLR350Ni hotspot" using your laptop or mobile device.

Wi-Fi network search for SSID "SLR350Ni hotspot"

3. Connect to the device via Wi-Fi. A password is not required as the network is open and unsecured.

4. Now, open your browser and enter the following IP address as the URL: "".

Enter the IP address as the URL in your browser.