AIS receiver Dashboard Local Feed

The dashboard offers a variety of functionalities, with the basic features covered in the "AIS Receiver Dashboard" article. In this article, we will focus on data forwarding as a local feed in detail. Properly configuring data forwarding is essential to ensure that the AIS data your receiver collects is accurately transmitted to your desired endpoint. We will guide you through the steps to set up data forwarding and manage target configurations. Let’s dive into the specifics of data forwarding to help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your AIS receiver.



Add forwarding

The data is always forwarded to MarineTraffic, so this forwarding is not further addressed here and is also not displayed in the overview. Through the dashboard, it's possible to simultaneously forward the stream to 5 additional destinations via UDP

To forward the data, you need the IP or the DNS name of your target computer and a port to which the data will be forwarded. It doesn't matter whether the data is forwarded within your network or to a destination on the internet. The device is not allowed to send data to other providers.


If you have the target data ready, you can enter it as follows:

1. Under Host, enter the IP or DNS address of your target computer.

2. For Port, enter the port number that the target computer will use to receive the data.

3. In the Notes field, enter a name that will help you distinguish this entry later.

4. Click the plus (+) button to save the entry.


You're all set! Now you can check if the data is arriving on your target computer.

To delete an entry, click the trash icon in the corresponding row. Be cautious, as it will delete the entry immediately without asking for confirmation.

To edit an entry, click the pencil icon. After making your changes, click the disk icon to save them.



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