How can I get my vessel recorded in the MarineTraffic database and displayed on the Live Map?

If your vessel does not yet appear in the database or you cannot find your vessel when you are searching using its name or MMSI number, this means that we do not have a record for it yet. But below, you can find out information on how to add your vessel in the MarineTraffic database so that a unique record of it is created.


MarineTraffic makes use of its extensive terrestrial Network of AIS-receiving Stations to pick-up AIS signals from any vessel that sails within its range. If you are the owner of a private vessel, you can install an AIS transponder on board in order to transmit AIS messages containing your vessel's positions and details!

The installation of an AIS transponder on smaller vessels is optional. Moreover, you are allowed to use a CLASS B AIS transponder. Class B transponders are cheaper than Class A and they are addressed to the non-SOLAS compliant vessels (e.g. small leisure or fishing vessels, less than 300 GT). The price of a Class B transponder varies from EUR 700 to 2000. 

Make sure to update it with all the necessary static information regarding your vessel's details such as her NameMMSI number etc. Try to be accurate and precise when doing so, as this information will be displayed on the MarineTraffic pages (once your vessel is recorded in the MarineTraffic database) and it will be much easier for you or for other users to track her.

Then, all you have to do is to leave your AIS transponder on! One of our Stations will eventually pick up your transponder's signal for the first time. A new record will be automatically created containing both dynamic and static information regarding your vessel and will be updated any time a new AIS signal is picked up. This way, you can use our search pages to find your vessel (and her recorded positions, her voyage details etc.) or track her down on the Live Map!

If your vessel is not equipped with an AIS-receiver, there are some alternative ways of reporting your positions. For example, you may use the OnCourse/mAIS application on your smartphone or mobile device (iPhone/iPad or Android) on board to report the position of your vessel directly to MarineTraffic, without the requirement of operating an AIS transponder.