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Problem with Multiple E-mail Notifications

The last couple of days we  have been experiencing some issues with our mail servers, sometimes resulting in multiple email notifications.

This issue has been resolved, so we reset your notifications counters to zero for this month. 

We apologize for filling up your inbox and for any other disruption this issue might have caused.

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    Actually hou have 2 vessels with the same IMO. It is Amadeus II and Kotor. Amadeus II was ex name registered when the keel was  laid. During construction name changer to Kotor due to resale

     of the contact. Please amend.

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    Gerard Slattery


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    Walter Ellul-Bonici

    Very nice.....

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    Donal o sullivan

    Multiple emails still a problem

    Received 17 for one vessel!

    Had to remove !

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    Cindy Matthews

    Thank you, however it seems to be happening again.

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    anne warren

    I am only following mainly the Ramblin Rose and sometimes the Seabrooke due to family member onboard. The site says 3 days behind on postings but seems more like up to 9 days behind-I was esp concerned during the storm alerts-my budget does not allow for the higher cost memberships-is it possible that it could be maybe 1-2 days late instead. I really love the site esp when I have family involved and esp because I can take pictures to send to my grandkids in 1 state so they know where their father is and to show their cousins in TX and both sets learn geography and weather . It makes for a great educationa tool and my 15 y/o grandson is a "big man on campus" because everyone gets excited about DC and he is starting a new school-will make it easier to make friends. Thanks.


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    Dennis McNish

    Had 44 notifications for Pacific Raven at Seward AK on 11/17 & 18

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    Valeri Agarkov


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    Wim van Putten

    Thank you for this mail.

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    Katerina Sofrona

    Thank you all for your feedback!

    Please confirm that since yesterday this issue has been resolved.


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    Marc Servranckx

    @ Katerina Sofrona

    It is OK for me from yesterday 10:00 AM Belgian time



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    Karamaunas Ioakim

    Thank you, every thing is ok.

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    Aeissha Bethel

    im not receiving my notifications as i should. please help

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    Radomir Kirchev

    I recieve notifications of vessel's that not in "my fleet" anymore 


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    Katerina Sofrona


    The fleet vessels are a separate section from the vessels for whom you get notifications.

    You can edit your notifications here My account/My notifications.

    You may want to receive email alerts for vessels not currently on your fleet and vice versa.


    @Aeissha, please explain the issue

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    Liz Kriel

    Why are the Chinese and Japanese fishing trawlers not showing on your pages any more? This is shocking what they are doing to our waters, and you... are supporting them by allowing them to go off radar!!! Get some backbone and start fighting against this!!!!

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    Marcelo Mascarini

    I have trouble adding ships in My account / My prior notifications had deleted some and added back keeps me but I do not appear in the notifications and tells me no for receiving mail.

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    Herman Eberstadt

    Despite your reset, I've just received a notification that I've reached my quota. I only have one ship in my fleet that I follow. Did you really set the counter to zero? I did recieve double notifications for a while.

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