Business Directory

Business Directory is a direct way to promote your company to any user that visits MarineTraffic - in fact, MarineTraffic:

  • is the most popular website in the maritime world
  • attracts more than 6 million unique visitors per month
  • is ranked as #1 in the majority of Google's maritime-related search terms
  • covers more than 16 thousand ports and marinas all over the world

Register your company in MarineTraffic for free and be seen by the decision makers. The only thing needed is a MarineTraffic account and some time to provide MarineTraffic with information regarding your company's location and its activities. Moreover, you may link your company to the ports of choice. Consequently, your Company will be visible on the Live Map near the selected ports and on the relevant Port/Vessel Details pages.


Creating a Business Profile for your Company provides you with visibility and exposure to decision-makers and stakeholders in the maritime industry. There are plenty of benefits of Company listing such as:

  • Presence in the MarineTraffic Business Directory: MarineTraffic is trusted by owners, operators, charterers and many more involved in the maritime ecosystem. Having a presence in the Business Directory ensures added visibility to potential customers, clients and partners!
  • Live Map Pin: Your Company will be visible on the MarineTraffic Live Map - a pin will be placed on the map based on the address you have provided MarineTraffic with during the creation of your Business Profile. Anyone clicking on any pinned icon is able to find more details about the subject Company along with a link to similar Companies (based on the specific Industry)
  • Live Map Port Listing: Next to each port icon on the Live Map you may find a blue icon including all the listed Companies per sector at the subject port along with a link to view all Companies. Your Company will be listed there.
  • Exposure in the Port Details page of the Serviced Port: A list of companies at the ports is available at every Port Details page along with a link to all Companies that operate in the subject port. Your Company will be among them (regarding the port you serve)!
  • Exposure in the Vessel Details page of the vessels heading to your Serviced Port: based on the destination of each vessel, the Companies at Destination tab will include the Companies located at the port of destination along with a link to a full list of them.The prominent Nearby Companies tab also includes Companies that serve in Ports located within proximity to the current position of the subject vessel.

All of the above features are provided for free! So, once you have created a Business Profile, you put your Company in front of key maritime personnel as they navigate the MarineTraffic platform!

To learn more about our Business Directory, and how to use it, click here.