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Business Directory is a direct way to promote your company to any user that visits MarineTraffic - in fact, MarineTraffic:

  • is the most popular website in the maritime world
  • attracts more than 6 million unique visitors per month
  • is ranked as #1 in the majority of Google's maritime-related search terms
  • covers more than 16 thousand ports and marinas all over the world


Register your company in MarineTraffic for free and be seen by the decision makers. Create your Business Profile and gain exposure to key stakeholders from the world's leading maritime companies.

The only thing needed is a MarineTraffic account and some time to provide MarineTraffic with information regarding your company's location and its activities. Moreover, you may link your company to the ports of choice. Consequently, your Company will be visible on the Live Map near the selected ports and on the relevant Port/Vessel Details pages (view the benefits in more detail).

Maritime professionals spend 46 minutes of their day on the MarineTraffic website - what better way to build a presence for your Company than listing it in the Business Directory? 

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