Assign Online Services & Credits to your Corporate Account Users

As the administrator of the Corporate Account, you are the only supervisor of the allocation of Online Services and Credits to yourself and to other users of your Corporate Account. Whenever you want to assign new services or make alterations regarding those already assigned, click on the Users tab (the number in the parenthesis shows the number of users of this Corporate Account including yourself) at the Corporate Accounts Dashboard.


The users are listed and you can see basic information regarding them:

  • the date they joined the Corporate Account or the date they were invited in case they have not accepted to join yet (Status)
  • the Services that are currently assigned to them (Services)
  • the Credits that each user has at their disposal (Credits)

Note I: By hovering your mouse's index over each user's name, their e-mail address will pop-up.


At the right end of each user's information bar, there are two icons. The blue one will allow you to assign the MarineTraffic services that you have in stock to the users of the Corporate Account (including yourself). The red icon will delete the respective user from this Corporate Account.

Clicking on a user's blue icon will bring out an expandable menu which enables you to select the services you wish to assign to the respective user. After you select either a Plan, Add-ons or credit click on "Apply all changes".


After you have done so, you can also see the Add-ons allocated to any user by simply hovering your mouse's index over the blue cogwheel under the Services.

Assign_Online_Services___Credits_to_your_Corporate_Account_Users_3.pngIn case you want to assign MarineTraffic services to new users all you have to do is to choose the appropriate ones for each one of them.

In short, imagine that you have a stockpile of available services and a list of potential users of them. What you have to do is to allocate the services to your Corporate Account users in the most efficient and suitable way according to your company's actual needs - this is how you can make full use of the benefits of the centralised administration and be in total control.