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Buy More Plans & Add-ons for your Corporate Account

You may come across various spots where Buy options are available as you go about your Corporate Account. However, there is also a separate tab in the Corporate Accounts Dashboard to accommodate you.

Click on this tab and you will be able to buy anything you may think that would suit your company's needs and assign it to you or to the other users of your Corporate Account accordingly.

For your convenience, MarineTraffic services are categorized into:

  • Plans
  • Fleet Extensions Add-ons
  • SAT Add-ons
  • Share Add-ons

Next to these, there is your shopping cart where all intended purchases are sent.

Select the plans or add-ons you wish to buy and click on the add button. When you are done selecting, click on the My Cart icon. You will see a list of the items you have selected to buy.

In case you are done with selecting which items you wish to buy, click on the Proceed to checkout button.

After this step, a new window will pop-up. Here you can review your selections, see the billing period according to which your transactions are determined, the payment method you have selected and the total cost of your overall subscription fees.

Note that the first time you buy items you select if your billing period will be monthly or annual. Any future purchases you may make will be subsumed under your initially selected billing period.

Also, remember that discounts apply in certain cases – buying 3 or more plans of the same kind will result in the relative volume discount, for example. The discount amount is shown underneath the total sum.

If you are happy with your selections click on the Checkout button.

Congratulations! Your transaction has been completed.

Note that a transaction receipt will be sent to you via e-mail while you can find a printable invoice in the My Account>Purchase history section.

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