Subscription Plans and Industry Bundles

Registering to MarineTraffic is free, so anyone can enjoy its features and gain access to the majority of its great services. However, each user has different needs. This is where subscription plans and specific bundles emerge to provide you with the ability to personalize and customise your interaction with MarineTraffic.

 If you need anything like:

  • Satellite AIS coverage
  • Density Maps per Vessel Type and Size
  • Nautical Charts
  • Full-Screen Display of the Live Map
  • Extended Wind Forecasts
  • Adding more Vessels to your Fleets
  • Getting more E-mail/SMS Notifications
  • Gaining Access to Vessels' Master Data
  • Getting recent Speed and Draught Timeline for each Vessel
  • Exporting more Data
  • Getting rid of Third-party Ads
  • Direct Support

...take some time to look at the subscription plans and bundles. You are also able to try them out for a defined period. Find the one that suits you best and take advantage of MarineTraffic's wide range of capabilities.

The Basic subscription plan is free and everlasting. The following plans are purchasable:


Furthermore, there is a number of Industry bundles that we have created to adjust to your ever growing needs, putting your business first. Online, data and mobile services combine to provide you with a suite of tools, and the valuable information you need to monitor, support and grow your business. The following Industry bundles are purchasable:


To learn more about how to get the most out of your MarineTraffic Subscription, please visit our Solutions Page.