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The MarineTraffic Add-ons are purchasable services that enable you to further personalise some aspects of the subscription plan or bundle of your choice. This way you are able to bring the offered services of MarineTraffic into alignment with your actual needs.

Choose from: 

  • Fleet Extension Add-ons
  • SAT Add-ons
  • Share Add-ons (Corporate Accounts only)

Let's have a quick look at what each Add-on may offer to you:

  • Fleet extension Add-ons enable you to extend the default size of your fleet (as set by your subscription plan). Each Add-on can extend the overall size of your fleet(s) according to the number of vessels you choose. 
  • SAT Add-ons enable you to get undelayed satellite coverage for the vessels of your fleets on which you allocate them (apart from standard terrestrial coverage) regardless of your subscription plan. Even if you are a SAT or a SAT PRO plan subscriber, you can exceed your plan's limit by purchasing this Add-on for your desired number of vessels.
  • Share Add-ons are only available to Corporate Accounts. These Add-ons will allow you to set a number of vessels which will be shared among your desirable number of co-workers/Corporate Account users. (Only the administrator of the Corporate Account can purchase and allocate Share add-ons).


Note: Volume discounts apply. The more vessels you include in an Add-on, the lower the price per vessel gets.


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