User Account

After going through our platform for the first time, you will soon find out that there is a wide variety of possibilities in what MarineTraffic can offer to you, and your passport to all of these is the MarineTraffic User Account. As you get more and more accustomed to the available features and functions, you will certainly need a way to keep track of your actions, manage your preferences and, in general, set your personal standards to your interaction with MarineTraffic – the "My Account" option provides this way in an easy to handle manner.User_Account_-_Outside.pngJust click on it and you will be presented with the My Account Section. On the left side of your screen, there will be a list of available options which will enable you to adjust various functional aspects of MarineTraffic, such as your fleets and your notifications, that will soon find out how to use. The Account Overview option is pre-selected so that whenever you enter the My Account Section you can get a quick overview of the status details of your MarineTraffic Account.User_Account_-_Inside.pngAccess the My Account Section at any time and have MarineTraffic working for you the way you want it to!

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