Live Map

Live Map is the key feature of MarineTraffic. It enables you to move around the globe with ease and directly track down any vessel that may be of interest to you with efficiency. It is periodically auto-refreshed (you can also manually refresh it) to include all the latest information regarding the positions of any vessel.

You have the ability to zoom out and get a general overview of the world or to zoom in and get a more detailed view of a certain area of interest.

When zoomed out, the display depicts an overview of the area of interest.



When zoomed in enough, vessels are displayed as coloured icons. Each icon corresponds to an actual vessel.



The colour of each icon represents the type of the respective ship for easier identification. 


Our Live Map is not all about vessels, however! Other objects of maritime interest such as Ports, Marina, Vessel Photos, Lighthouses and AtoN (Aid to Navigation) can be displayed on the Live Map - all with their respective icon and InfoWindow.


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The Live Map Toolbar offers a number of interesting actions that you can take on the Live Map. It is located on the right side of the Live Map and you have access to it all the time. Use it to interact with the Live Map and personalise the way the latter is displayed on your screen, by adding Map Layers and Filters. This way you can navigate with ease and efficiency and display the information that is of interest to you.


Clicking on any square icon of the Live Map Toolbar will result in expanding it so that you can perform the respective actions, such as Search for vessels or ports, apply filters and layers and even use Playback, a unique feature that enables you to replay all vessel activity in a specific area at a given time in the past.

In the middle of the right side of the Toolbar, you can find the info icons:


These (from top to bottom) inform you about:

  • The total number of vessels in range (whole map area - global coverage)
  • Time remaining (in seconds) until the next automatic update of the Live Map. Note that the frequency of auto-updating varies as it depends on the subscription plan of your choice. However, you can always manually update the Live Map by simply clicking on the refresh icon.

The last square icon at the bottom of the Toolbar will enable you to view the Live Map in full-screen (available with the Professional and Enterprise Plans).

To learn more about how to use our Live Map, please click here.