Interface - Time

The Preferences section on your account will allow you to change your preferred time zone setting and icon to be displayed on the website. 

Doing the above will help you manage the changes in timezone whenever your vessel reaches her destination and choose how the asset icons on the Live Map are presented. 

In this article you will learn about the following:

Time Preference

You can change the Time Preference by entering the My Account Section and then click on the Preferences option. You are now able to set the timezone based on your own preference.pasted_image_0.png

The Time Presentation Preferences enable you to define the way timestamps, dates and time intervals will be presented throughout the MarineTraffic platform. Using the available options, you can also set the Date and Time Display formats that you prefer. To learn more about the effect of the available Time Presentation options, click here

Selecting Icons

- Available with the Advanced Live Map through our Professional, Professional Plus, and Global Satellite plans -

MarineTraffic users who have purchased one of the Plans mentioned above will have the option to choose from different icon sets. This means that they can select the way icons will be displayed on the Live Map.


Custom Setting 

On the same page, you may tick the box beside opt-in to test beta features. That way you may use upcoming features before their official launch and get a taste of future features while we can get feedback from actual users in order to present a complete and fully-functional feature to the broad community of MarineTraffic.

You may also tick the box beside “Note Sharing Notif Enabled” in order to enable alerts related to Note Sharing.