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Live Map Toolbar

The Live Map Toolbar is located at the left side of the Live Map and you have access to it all the time. Use it to interact with the Live Map and personalise the way the latter is displayed on your screen. This way you can navigate with ease and efficiency.




Clicking on any square icon of the Live Map Toolbar will result in expanding it so that you can perform the respective actions:


Further down the Toolbar, you can find the info icons:




These (from top to bottom) inform you about:

  • Time remaining (in seconds) until the next automatic update of the Live Map. Note that the frequency of auto-updating varies as it depends on the subscription plan of your choice. However, you can always manually update the Live Map by simply clicking on the refresh icon.
  • Total number of vessels in range (whole map area - global coverage)
  • Total number of vessels on the area displayed on your screen.


The last square icon at the bottom of the Toolbar will enable you to view the Live Map in full-screen (feature available to Premium plan subscribers and above and selected bundles users).


Note: When the Live Map Toolbar is expanded you can keep it that way by just activating the pin option as shown in the picture below. If you don't activate the pin option, clicking anywhere on the Live Map will result in retracting the brought out options menu.



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