Live Map Layers and Filters

The Live Map Toolbar is located on the left side of the Live Map and you have access to it all the time. Use it to interact with the Live Map and personalise the way the latter is displayed on your screen, by adding Map Layers and Filters. This way you can navigate with ease and efficiency and display the information that is of interest to you.


Clicking on any square icon of the Live Map Toolbar will result in expanding it so that you can perform the respective actions:

  • Search: You can either search for Vessels or Ports or search for a certain Location. Just enter your search term in the corresponding field.Search results will be displayed next to the Live Map Toolbar.All maritime assets (vessels, ports) that contain (or have a similar name with) your search term will be displayed in the search results window. The icons next to each vessel's name notate the current moving status (underway or anchored) and type. 
  • Apply Vessel Filters: By applying filters on the Live Map, you can select which vessels will get displayed on the MarineTraffic Live Map. Filtering can be performed by a number of factors, such as Type, Capacity, Current Status and more. Filtering categories can also be combined providing you with complete freedom to start viewing only the vessels that match your exact criteria. 
  • Apply Layers: Here you are able to select more objects of maritime interest to be displayed on the Live Map, such as Ports, Marinas, Stations and more. They will be displayed with their respective icon on the Live Map for easier identification. Additionally, you can apply Zones Layers, like the Time Zones, ECA Zones or Daylight Zones.
  • Weather: You can choose between 22 weather layers with key metrics, including wind, current, wave height, swell height and swell period to combine it with vessel voyage. Effective planning and execution of voyages are dependant on understanding as many factors impacting the vessel’s performance as possible. With Weather Maps, you will be able to get not only real-time weather information but up to 6 days forecast.
  • Get Density Maps: With this unique layer, you can visualize the most travelled sea routes on the Live Map using data collected by Marine Traffic over the years.All the recorded data of all vessels during the past years is taken into account in order to provide MarineTraffic users with detailed Density Maps.
  • Area Playback: This is a unique feature that enables you to replay all vessel activity in a specific area at a given time in the past. It is designed to support incident review, pattern analysis media reports, regatta racing observation and any application based on historical tracking data.

Further down the Toolbar, you can find the info icons:


These (from top to bottom) inform you about:

  • Time remaining (in seconds) until the next automatic update of the Live Map. Note that the frequency of auto-updating varies as it depends on the subscription plan of your choice. However, you can always manually update the Live Map by simply clicking on the refresh icon.
  • The total number of vessels in range (whole map area - global coverage)
  • The total number of vessels in the area displayed on your screen.

The last square icon at the bottom of the Toolbar will enable you to view the Live Map in full-screen (feature available to Premium plan subscribers and above and selected bundles users).

To learn more about how to use each different Layer or Filter on the Live Map, click here.