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Move around the Live Map

There are two basic actions you need to perform in order to be able to move around the MarineTraffic Live Map with ease and efficiency:

  • Moving around (2-dimensional)
  • Zooming in and out

This way you will be able to get to anywhere that interests you and focus on certain areas or points of the Live Map.


  • Moving around (2-dimensional)




Two-dimensional movements describe the ability to move end-to-end from left to right and from top to bottom (and vice versa) on the Live Map. While holding down your mouse's left button, move your mouse to the desired direction. This will result in dragging the Live Map so you can get to the area that interests you.


  • Zooming in and out




Once you found the area of the Live Map that interests you, you can zoom in to take a closer look. Of course, you can always zoom out in order to get a broader view of the Live Map. There are three ways you can perform these actions:

  1. Double-click your mouse's left button. This will result in zooming in with the key point being the one your mouse's index was over. Double-click again to zoom in further.
  2. Use your mouse's scrolling wheel. Scroll it back and forth and you will be zooming out and in respectively.
  3. Use the tool at the top right end of the Live Map. Click on the "plus" or the "minus" symbols to zoom in or out respectively. 


Even if you are not an experienced computer user, moving around the Live Map will shortly become second nature to you!

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