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Display Wind on the Live Map

Click on the Layers icon on the Live Map Toolbar. Then tick the selection box next to the Wind option.

At the adjacent field, select your desired time period for a wind forecast. Options range from Now (for present wind conditions) to 60 hours.

Note that MarineTraffic members under Basic plan have access to 24-hour wind forecast. However, members that have subscribed to a Premium plan and above can get wind forecasts for up to 60 hours!

Once you have activated the Wind option and have selected your desired wind forecast time-frame, wind barbs will appear on the Live Map.

Note that, as with the vessel icons, you may need to zoom in enough in order to be able to see them.

The wind barbs have different colours and point to different directions. This way you are instantly able to get a picture of the overall wind conditions in any given area.

In the picture below, you can see the respective wind speed values in knots (1 knot = 1.15mph)

The direction the barb is pointing to, denotes the wind direction.

For example, the barb that is shown below represents a 35kn NE wind.

Spend some time to get accustomed to this feature and you will be able to easily identify wind conditions in no time!

Note that wind forecasts are model-based and not real-time observations sent by the ships. The maximum resolution of the weather data is 0.2 degrees (approximately 12 NM). 

Click here to view the knots conversion to the Beaufort scale and other wind speed-related information.

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