What exactly is the Density Map Layer?

The set of MarineTraffic's available navigational "arsenal" is composed of various Map Types. All of them can be displayed on the Live Map, so it is up to you to choose your preferred one. Density Maps can be overlaid on every single Map Type to provide you with a complete picture of the global marine activity!


MarineTraffic lastingly collects data on ship positions. The accumulated data enables the creation of Density Maps so that anyone can get a picture of the most travelled sea routes around the globe. All the recorded data of all vessels during the past years is taken into account in order to provide MarineTraffic users with detailed Density Maps.

There are a lot of available selections regarding the contained information in the Density Maps, the kind of data they will make use of and, consequently, show on the Live Map and how vividly they will be displayed on it!

Note: If you have purchased the Advanced Density Maps, you will be able to use Density Maps to their full extent, and display info per Vessel Type.

To learn how you can activate the Density Maps, please click here.