Photo Gallery

Thanks to the ongoing support from photographers all around the globe, millions of vessel photos have already been uploaded to MarineTraffic's photo database (as well as photos of other areas or objects of maritime interest such as Ports and Lights for example). This database is growing larger every day as new additions are continuously being made.

You can participate by uploading your own photos of vessels or of maritime interest (ports, lights). The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that your photos should comply with certain standards (size, content, metadata) so that the overall quality of the MarineTraffic Photo Gallery is high!

After passing the moderation stage, your photos will then be uploaded and will be publicly displayed. Other MarineTraffic users will be able to rate them. Actually, any registered user can rate photos (after signing in to his MarineTraffic account) regardless of whether he has uploaded any photos or not.

To learn more about how to upload a photo and copyrights, click here.