Photo Standards

MarineTraffic encourages every one of its users to upload photos of maritime interest to it. However, in order to maintain the high quality of the MarineTraffic photo collection, every uploaded photo is reviewed prior to being publicly displayed. A team of photo moderators checks every single one of them to make sure that it complies with certain quality standards regarding the following aspects:


  • Photo resolution should be the highest possible. The original size of the photo is preferable. In any case, the minimum photo size that can by publicly displayed is 800x600.
  • JPEG files must not be larger than 11MB at most.
  • Aspect ratio less than 3:2 is preferable as oblong photos will not show well in our photo gallery.

Photo Quality

  • Try to upload photos that are correctly focused and exposed with the appropriate camera settings and lighting.
  • Over-enhanced photos which, for example, change the colour of the vessel are not acceptable.


  • The vessel must be clearly depicted in the photo as a whole. Exceptions might be made only for a particularly interesting close-up of a part or a characteristic of a vessel.
  • The vessel should be identifiable within the photo frame. In case there are large empty areas in the photo, we suggest you crop it prior to uploading it so that the vessel is the focal point.
  • Try to make sure there are no foreground obstructions that limit the clear view of the vessel. Ensure that the horizon is level - use editing tools to correct the photo alignment and related parameters.
  • Photos with identifiable people will be rejected.
  • In case you use watermarks, please make sure they are of reasonable size and do not interfere with the picture of the vessel. Keep in mind that your photos are automatically watermarked by MarineTraffic anyway by making use of your registered name.

Multiple Photos

  • Do not upload multiple photos of the same vessel from a similar angle/view. The shooting angle must be altered by a minimum of 30° for photos taken within minutes from each other (regarding the same vessel).
  • The maximum number of photos that can be uploaded by the same user for a specific vessel is 5 photos within a six-month period. Exceeding this limit will result in your photos not getting accepted (for the specific vessel).


  • Please, always try to include the date and the location of each photo.
  • If you wish to correct any of the details regarding your uploaded photos, just go to My Account>Photos Uploaded and edit the photo using the corrected details (related vessel, location, date, copyright).

By complying with these standards, we can keep building together with the world's largest, high-quality photo database of maritime interest!