Search for Photographers

Thanks to its very active photographic community, MarineTraffic is able to offer the most complete Photo Gallery of photos of maritime interest in the world!

You can find all these Photographers easily as there is a dedicated search page for them. From the MarineTraffic main sidebar menu click on the Photo Gallery tab and then click on the Photographers option.
Additionally, you can contact them directly through MarineTraffic, as described on the Photo Details page article.

The Ship Photographers search page enables you to search for certain photographers and apply certain filters to match your search criteria. It is similar to the Vessel Photos search page so that you can easily familiarise yourself with it. 

You can directly search using the photographer's name as a keyword, perform searches based on the first letter of the photographer's name or apply filters by Rating (average rating from MarineTraffic registered users), Number of Votes (from MarineTraffic registered users) or Number of Photos (uploaded from each photographer).
You can always reset your search criteria by just clicking on the Clear filters option. You can, also, hide the filters window by simply clicking on the Hide filters tab.

 Search results are presented in rows and each row corresponds to a certain photographer. Next to each photographer's name (Photographer), there are three other columns which contain information regarding:

  • Total number of uploaded photos (Photos)
  • Number of Votes from other MarineTraffic registered users (Number of Votes)
  • Average Rating from other registered users' votes (Rating)

By default, you get the results according to the number of photos uploaded by each photographer that matches your search criteria. You are, however, able to order the sort results. Click on any of the column headers and you will get the results ordered accordingly (by Photographer's Name/ Alphabetically, by Number of Photos, by Number of Votes or by Rating). Click twice on the same column header to get the results in reverse order.

Finally, at the bottom of the Ship Photographers page, there are options that enable you to move through the search results pages,  choose the number of displayed results per page (10, 20 or 50), as well as information regarding the total number of search results/photographers, returned after each search.