Photo Details page

Every photo is displayed on its own page so that you can take a closer look at it and get access to all information and details regarding it, as well as contact the photographer, upload a new photo or even suggest a photo removal.

In order to be transferred to the Photo Details page please simply click on the photo of your interest. 

The Photo Details page is divided into three main areas:

  • Photo Display area
  • Photo Carousel area
  • Info area

The Photo Display Area is the main part of the screen where your selected photo is displayed on. On the left bottom of the photo, you will see the name of the photographer/copyright owner, by whom the photo was taken and uploaded. 

You may use the arrows located on both sides of the photo to observe the next or the previous photo.

At the right bottom of this area, there are the control buttons that will allow you to interact with the page structure. The left and right arrows will perform the same action with the bigger arrows that were described above. Another four adjacent control buttons will help you to: 

  • Hide photo carousel area
  • Display the photo in full-screen (even up to its original size!)
  • View full-size image
  • Hide the info area on the right side

You are also able to rate the photo from the bottom left side of the Photo Display area.

The Photo Carousel area is located below the main Photo Display area. It contains a series of photos from the Photo Directory that is relative to the one displayed above.

In the Info area, you are able to get all the details regarding the photo itself, the vessel it is related to and the photographer who uploaded it.

Note: You can click on the name of the Vessel / Port mentioned on the top of the Info area and you will be redirected to the respective Vessel`s /Port`s details page

Also, please click on the photographer's name to see all the photos uploaded by this photographer. 

In case you believe that the photo should be removed from the photo gallery( due to copyright breach, for example), you can use the Suggest Photo Removal option to inform our moderators. 


By clicking on the “Contact the Photographer” button you will be able to get in touch with them submitting the form that will pop-up.

In case you want to close the whole Photo Details page please use the X button on the top right corner of the page or you can also click on the Upload a photo button to upload your own photos.upload_photo_3.png