Photo Details page

In the Photo Details, every photo is displayed on its own page so that you can take a closer look at it, as well as get access to all the information, details, pertaining to it. Through here, you can also contact the photographer, upload a new photo or even suggest a photo removal.

In order to be transferred to the Photo Details page you can simply click on the photo of your interest. 

The Photo details page is divided into three main areas:

  • Photo section 
  • Photo details
  • List more photos

Photo section

The Photo section is the main part of the screen where your selected photo is displayed on. On the left bottom of the photo, you will see the name of the photographer/copyright owner, by whom the photo was taken and uploaded.

Under the List of  Photos section there is a Photo Carousel with a series of photos from the Gallery as depicted below:

You may use the arrows located on the bottom of the photo to observe the next or the previous photo. By clicking on the (+) and (-) from the top right, you are enabled to zoom in and out of the photo.



Furthermore, you can navigate through the photo’s of a vessel by using the Slideshow feature, which allows you to continuously display the photos automatically as in the below example:




You are also able to rate the photo from the bottom right side of the Photo Display area. If you wish to change your rating on a photo, you can easily click on the rating stars and change your vote depending on your preference.


To share the specific photo you can simply click on the Share Button at the bottom right, which automatically copies the link for you.



Photo Details

The Photo Details section includes all important information regarding the photo itself, the asset depicted and the Photographer.

There you are able to find the Photographer’s Comments and the Popularity of the photo with number of votes and the rating.




In this section, you will also be able to trace the exact Location the vessel was in at the time the photo was taken. By expanding the Location option, you will be prompted to the exact position of the ship though a real depiction on the Map:




Next Section in Photo Details is the Date, which dedicates the date the photo was taken, and the date it was uploaded.

Furthermore, all details regarding who uploaded the photo is available in the Photographer Section. There you will be able to find the relevant name, and by clicking on it, you will be redirected to the equivalent gallery of the Photographer, where you will see all the photos they have uploaded through an infinity scroll. 

Moreover, the amount of photos they have uploaded and the Total Votes Received / Rating, attributed to them are available there. In addition, you can also click on “Contact the Photographer” in case you wish to get in touch with the Photographer directly.

Next section is the Vessel Details area where you will access key information of the vessel (Vessel Type, Length x Breadth, Flag and Call Sign). If you wish to learn more about the specific ship in the photo, the View Vessel Details Page will automatically redirect you to a new window with the extended vessel details.


Note: You can also click on the name of the Vessel / Port mentioned on the top of the page a portrayed below, and you will be redirected to the respective Vessel's /Port's details page:




The Camera & Settings section regards information pertaining to the Model of the Camera, the Exposure, ISO and the Original Size of the Photo. Bear in mind that by clicking the View Fullsize Image, you will be prompted to its extended size.

Adding to the Photo Details, you also have the ability to Upload a Photo.

Finally, in the case you believe that the photo should be removed from the photo gallery (due to copyright breach, for example), you can use the Suggest Photo Removal option to inform our moderators. 



To close the whole Photo Details page please use the X button on the top right corner of the page. This will take you back to the Photo Gallery.