Rate Photos

Every registered MarineTraffic user is able to rate photos. You may simply sign-in to your MarineTraffic account, visit the dedicated photo pages and rate the displayed Photos in just one click!

As you may have noticed that there are 5 stars below each photo in the Photo Details page.

By hovering over the stars, then clicking on one of them, you will register your vote according to your taste knowing that:

5 stars = Excellent
4 stars = Very Good
3 stars = Good
2 stars = Moderate
1 star = Poor

You can also rate Photos directly from the Photo Gallery pages where the search results are displayed.RateGIF.gif 

If you wish to change your rating on a photo, you can easily click on the rating stars and change your vote depending on your preference. Once you have entered the new vote, you will be prompted to a green banner as displayed below, confirming that the update has been carried out:


It is also important to mention that:

  • you are not able to vote for Photos that you have uploaded.
  • in order to prevent spam-voting, you cannot vote for more than five Photos within a two-hour period. 
  • it may take some seconds for your vote to be counted (provided that none of the above-mentioned rating system rules is violated).
  • in order to prevent incidents of promoting specific accounts, new regulations are set to remove ratings submitted by users who vote only one Photographer in an extended way.