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Use the MarineTraffic Notifications to keep yourself up-to-date with all the latest occurrences regarding your vessels (or fleets, where applicable) and your ports and areas (standard commercial areas or custom areas) of interest.  

Choose from various communication channels and be instantly informed at any time. Select the Notifications that better suit your needs from a broad list of available categories (click on any category to see the specific Notifications in each one of them):

Use the Notifications Wizard to create your own, personalised Notifications in order to closely monitor the activities of your assets! Be timely informed and effectively schedule your operations, improve your reaction time to any possible changes or enrich your reports with all the latest data!

In short, be in control - always, anytime, anywhere!

(Note that different notification limits apply depending on your subscription plan or bundle. You can use Credits to exceed your limits regardless of your subscription plan or bundle - click here to buy more Credits or to evaluate the available Credit Packs)


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