Use the MarineTraffic Notifications to keep yourself up-to-date with all the latest occurrences regarding your vessels (or fleets, where applicable) and your ports and areas (standard commercial areas or custom areas) of interest.  Select the Notifications that better suit your needs from a broad list of available categories:

  • Standard Periodic Reports: This type of notifications informs you on the exact positions of the vessels of your choice, or the vessels that your fleet(s) is(are) consisted of, in specific moments on a daily basis.
  • MarineTraffic System Related Events: All incoming AIS information is taken into account in order to provide MarineTraffic users with the latest updates regarding vessel positions on the Live Map. However, a vessel can be out of range for various reasons - she sails on waters with insufficient terrestrial AIS coverage or mid-ocean where coastal AIS coverage is inadequate, for example.The MarineTraffic System-related Events notifications let you know about such AIS-coverage occurrences the moment they happen.
  • Vessel Movement Status Changes: This type of notifications informs you the moment any of the vessels of your interest changes movement status.
  • Vessel AIS-Data Updates: Every vessel that carries an AIS transponder is transmitting information. Parts of this information are automatically sent while other parts are manually set by the crew. Using this type of notifications you can get immediately informed regarding updates on the transmitted information made by the vessel's crew.
  • Vessel to Vessel Alerts: This type of Notifications alerts you when any of the selected vessels of yours is sailing close to other vessels (or vice versa). 
  • Port Related Events: Notifications of this type inform you on current or (possible) upcoming port calls. You are able to set the focal point to be certain vessels you are interested in or certain ports or a combination of both (apart from the "ETA" notification which is vessel/fleet-based only).
  • Area Related Events: Activate Notifications of this type to get updates about vessels sailing in or out of certain areas of maritime interest (standard geographical areas, ECA Zones) or your own Custom Areas. 
  • MarineTraffic Community-Related Events: Activate notifications of this kind to be instantly informed about any MarineTraffic community actions that have to do with assets (vessels) that interest you. 
  • Special Events: Notifications of this type can help you be timely informed when the vessels that you are monitoring are involved in events such as sailing in High Winds or changes in the Time Zone.

Now, the continuously increasing number of available MarineTraffic notifications led to the creation of the Notifications Wizard. It is a handy tool which enables you to set up the notifications of your choice and have them working exactly the way you want them to.


The Notifications Wizard is assembled in such a way that lets you set multiple notifications at once regarding the specified assets of your choice.You start by selecting the assets of choice, then the notifications that match your needs. Upon having completed these two steps, you get to select the communication channels. Finally, you are able to review all of your selections prior to confirming them.

Keep in mind that there are 2 different ways you can be informed regarding the notifications of your choice through one or more of the available communication channels:

  • E-Mail: Select this channel and you will be getting your notifications on the e-mail account you are using with MarineTraffic. Every time that an occurrence triggers a notification, you will be directly informed. Cost is 1 Credit per 10 e-mails.
  • Mobile Push (available to mobile devices using Android or iOS operating systems)Selecting this channel will enable you to be getting your notifications on your mobile phone or tablet directly from our servers. This way, when occurrences trigger your selected notifications a pushed messaged will be displayed on your mobile device's screen. Cost is 1 Credit per 10 pushed notifications. 

Note: In order to be able to receive mobile pushed notifications, you must have the MarineTraffic Application installed on your mobile device and be signed-in to it. Click to learn more and download the Android version or the iOS version of the MarineTraffic mobile application

Use the Notifications Wizard to create your own, personalised Notifications in order to closely monitor the activities of your assets! Be timely informed and effectively schedule your operations, improve your reaction time to any possible changes or enrich your reports with all the latest data!

In short, be in control - always, anytime, anywhere!

To learn more about each different notification and how to use them, click here.