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Port Related Events

Notifications of this type inform you on current or (possible) upcoming port calls. You are able to set the focal point to be certain vessels you are interested in or certain ports or a combination of both (apart from the "ETA" notification which is vessel/fleet-based only).

Such notifications are the following ones:

Arrival: Get notified whenever,

  • any vessel arrives at a selected port that interests you or
  • a vessel of your choice arrives at any port or
  • a certain vessel arrives at a certain port (combine vessel and port).

As you can understand, the information you will be getting depends on the asset you are based on. Tick the selection box next to the "Notify only when stopped" option to be receiving notifications only when the subject vessel is reported as stopped otherwise you will be getting notified the moment the vessel approaches the entrance of the port. In certain cases (larger ports with mapped berths/terminals), you may also click on the "Docked" option and get notified when the subject vessel docks at a berth.

Departure: Same logic with the above-described notification, only for departures! Again, you can define the notifications to be vessel-based, port-based or both. 

Select the "Undocked" option to be notified the moment the subject vessel undocks from a berth/terminal.

Vessel to Port Proximity: This notification will let you know about Port Calls that are (possibly) about to take place. Once again, you can decide whether it will be vessel-based, port-based or both. "Proximity to Port" (in nautical miles) is a variable you can set according to your wish. For example, set the distance parameter to 3 nautical miles:

  • If your focal point is a certain port, you will be receiving notifications whenever any vessel gets closer than 3NM to it.
  • If your focal point is a certain vessel you will be receiving notifications whenever this vessel approaches any port (and she is less than 3NM close to it).
  • If you define both a vessel and a port then you will be getting notifications when this certain vessel sails closer than 3NM to this certain port.

Then, set the "Repeat every" parameter (in nautical miles) to be getting updated notifications as soon as the vessel's distance to her destination port is reduced accordingly.

Tick the selection box next to "Notify only for destination Port" to be receiving notifications exclusively for the port that is reported (via AIS) as the Destination port of the vessel.

ETA: This notification takes into account the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) as transmitted by the vessel's AIS system, as well as some other factors (expected route of the vessel, current speed), to calculate the ETA of any vessel to her destination port (as reported via AIS).

It is vessel or fleet-based. You can set this notification to inform you certain hours before the MarineTraffic-calculated ETA and keep notifying you every certain interval of minutes.

For example, you could set the notification to inform you 2 hours before the (calculated) ETA and keep informing you every 30 minutes. Based on the asset (specific vessel or fleet) of your choice, you will be getting the respective information when the subject vessel or any of the vessels that constitute the subject fleet approaches her destination port.


Note (regarding the "Vessel to Port Proximity" and "ETA" notifications): you may leave blank the second variable's field (Repeat every). This way, you will only be getting one notification with no repeats.

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