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Android App Update (version 3.3.5)

The latest update (v3.3.5.) for the MarineTraffic Android Application has been released. 

New Features and Improvements

  • Introduction of "Route Planner"! A powerful tool for voyage planning - plan routes, set waypoints, measure distances, get calculated ETAs (available as an "In App purchase")

  • Marinas, Anchorages, Lights and AtoNs can be displayed on the Live Map
  • Aerial Maps added to the Map Types list
  • Manual setting of "My Position"
  • New, redesigned layout for the "Vessel Details" window
  • Moving around on the Live Map made more responsive and effective
  • Plan with Visible Compass in Auto Tracking mode


"Augmented Reality" improvements (available as an "In App Purchase")

  • View Ports and Lights
  • Detect Vessels' Direction



Download the MarineTraffic Android Application now!

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    Nick Roman

    Impressive. But it can be better. To be included: 1st, option to save tracks of vessel of my fleet as *.kml file (useful for picture geotaging and after years fun... after all I bought the app so I expect to save my memories.) 2nd, having my fleet, my track and the weather all in same time on screen. 3rd, add an option to export planned route as gpx or kml ;-) 4th: while using route planner, adding predefined coordinates as point and also as lines would be very very useful. 5th importing routes (gpx, kml, kmz) while using route planner would be astonishing! I Thank you! Be proud: this is the first app I ever bought! :-) Now, please add the options above to get the 5 stars ;-)

    After phone factory reset (Huawei Ascend P6) and re-installing Marine Trafic, Route Planner - which I already purchased - stopped working or is acting like being in trial mode. I want my Route Planner back ...

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    Thank you very much for your valuable feedback and your kind words, Nick Roman.

    Rest assured that all your notes have been taken into account. We keep trying to improve on our applications and supporting them with frequent updates!

    And, yes, we are proud that the MarineTraffic app was the first one you have ever bought!

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    Love the new Route Planner feature. Went to purchase it but your copy says "79 per route". Does this mean every single route will cost 79p. That's expensive isn't it. Or do you mean the upgrade is 79p?

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    The "Route Planner" tool is available as an "In App Purchase". There is no limitation regarding the number of routes you may plan once you have purchased it. In other words, you would only have to pay once for it!

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