Calculate Distance / Set Waypoints

You can easily calculate the distance between a vessel icon shown on the Live Map and any other Waypoint as defined by you.

To start, simply right-click anywhere on the Live Map and select the Measure Distance option to set it as your starting point, called Waypoint0. 




Alternatively, you can set your initial waypoint from the Vessel's Infowindow - simply click on the 3 lines icon and select the Distance To... option.


In both cases, a yellow pin marker will be placed on the selected vessel or point on the Live Map. From this point on, you can click anywhere on the Live Map and define your waypoints.


A yellow line indicates the course we are setting while the information on the yellow box that appears informs us about:

  • The distance (in Nautical Miles) between our starting point (Waypoint0) and our next Waypoint (Waypoint1)
  • Our course (in degrees)

When Waypoint0 is set on a vessel asset, then the yellow box will also display the:

  • Time needed to get to the Waypoint1 based on the current speed of the vessel (in knots)
  • ETA based on the distance and current speed information


You can set multiple waypoints. For each one of them, the information on the yellow box will take into account all the previous Waypoints. For example, in the following picture, the calculated information displayed is taking into account the exact course as it was designed (the yellow line track).


Right-click anywhere on the Live map (not on other icons) and select the Exit measure distance option to clear the course and the Waypoints you have set.