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Daylight added to the available Layers

(Full functionality is only available to PRO and SAT users. Upgrade now and use all the available Layers on the Live Map - including Daylight, Time Zones and ECA Zones)

Get a direct picture of the areas of the world which are sunlit at any given moment!

Simply, click on the Layers icon of the Live Map Toolbar and activate the "Daylight" option.

Tick the respective selection box and the Daylight Layer will overshadow the MarineTraffic Live Map.

No change will affect the areas that are under sunlight. However, a coat of shadow will cover the areas of the world which are not. Notice that the shadow will be lighter in areas that it is dawning or where night is about to come on.

You can get a more detailed view of certain areas by just zooming in (provided you keep the Daylight Layer active).

We hope you enjoy the new feature!

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