Search for Vessels close to your Location

Click on the Vessels tab on the Toolbar to access the MarineTraffic recorded vessels' search pages. Select the Vessels near me option.Vessels_Near_me.pngNow you can search for vessels that are near your actual location.

Note: You may be asked by your internet browser to share your location with MarineTraffic. To be able to use this search option, you should accept.

Upon letting MarineTraffic know your location, you can perform searches based on it. You may enter your search term in the appropriate field and get results regarding vessels that are close to where you are and match your search criteria.

 You are also able to further refine your search results by using the available filters.

  • First Letter (search for vessel names which start with a specific letter)
  • Area (locate vessels that are in certain areas)
  • Flag (search for vessels under a specific flag)
  • Ship Type (get results regarding vessels of a specific type)
  • Length/Speed/Distance (use the respective sliders to further refine your search criteria)

The Distance slider defines the search results in relation to your location - set this slider anywhere between 0 to 40 NMs (Nautical Miles) to get results about vessels which are located within the defined proximity to you.

Search results are displayed in rows and each row refers to a certain vessel. Some fields are informative (Distance, Bearing, Flag, Type, Length x Breadth, Destination) but you can perform various actions by clicking on the links provided in the others.

  • Click on the Vessel Name to get to the Vessel Details page of her (notice that the icon below the
  • vessel's name informs you about her current movement status)
  • Click on the Photo to view all the photos (if available) of this vessel in the MarineTraffic Photo Directory
  • Click on the Area field to get there (where available)
  • Click on the Received icon to view the vessel on the Live Map
  • Use the My Fleet options to manage this vessel in relation to your fleet(s)

Note II: The results that are returned, are ordered depending on the vessels' proximity to your location. However, you are able to order the results according to one of the following column titles by just clicking on any of them: Distance, Bearing, Vessel Name, Photo (number of photos), Type, Area, Received. Click twice on the same column title to reverse this order.