Perform Vessel-to-Vessel Proximity Searches

If you click on any vessel icon on the Live Map and bring out the Vessel InfoWindow, you will also notice the Nearby Vessels option.Perform_Vessel-to-Vessel_Proximity_Searches.jpgor, you can click on the Nearby Vessels option from the Last Position section of the Vessel Details page.


In both cases, you will come up with a page that contains a list of other ships that are within a 40 NM (nautical miles) radius to the selected vessel's position.

Perform_Vessel-to-Vessel_Proximity_Searches_3.jpgResults are presented in rows. Each row refers to a vessel which is in close proximity to the subject vessel. The subject vessel is presented first while those that are closer to her are next. As the list goes on, the distance between each other vessel and the subject one grows. 

For each vessel, you can get the following information:

  • Vessel Name: The name of the vessel and her icon on the Live Map - note that the icon indicates her type, her movement status and her direction. Click on the vessel name to get to the Vessel Details page of her. Click on the vessel icon to view her on the Live Map.
  • Speed (kn): The speed (in knots) at which the vessel is moving according to her last recorded position.
  • Course (°): The course (in degrees) which the vessel follows at the time.
  • Current Port: The Port the vessel is in (if so).
  • Distance to... (NM): The distance between the subject vessel and any other vessel in close proximity.
  • Bearing (°): The angle between the subject vessel's forward direction in comparison to the direction of the other vessel.
  • Course Intersection in...: A calculation based on the available data. In case of potential courses' intersection (between the subject vessel and one of the others in proximity), a message will be displayed reporting the estimated time and distance until these courses intersect (ceteris paribus) like those displayed below:

The maximum number of vessels shown on the list is 50. Obviously, in areas of heavy traffic there will be more than 50 vessels within a radius smaller than 40 NM to the subject vessel, therefore, the primary Vessel-to-Vessel criterion for selecting which vessels to show on the list is the distance to the subject vessel starting from the closest one, as already mentioned.