Display Vessel Tracks on the Live Map

There are 3 ways to display any vessel's tracks on the Live Map:

  • Click on any vessel to open her Vessel InfoWindow and, then, click on the Menu icon and select the Show Previous Track option  


  • Click on the Show on Map icon which is shown in the search results area of the Latest Positions page 


  • Click on the Show on Map icon which is shown in the search results area of the Itineraries page

Itineraries.pngIn any case, you will be able to view the subject vessel's past tracks on the Live Map. The tracks will have a matching colouring to the vessel' icon for easier identification - blue for passengers' vessels, red for tankers and so on.Track.pngThe displayed tracks are derived from each vessel's position record. Notice the arrows along the track-line. Hover your mouse's index over any such arrow and you will be informed regarding the speed, the course and the timestamp of the respective position/record.

You can zoom out to view the entire vessel's track on the Live Map or zoom into the positions that you are more interested in.Large_treack.pngNote: The maximum length (in terms of time) of the displayed track depends on your subscription plan or bundle. You can check the limits here.