Get Animated Playback for Vessel Tracks

Every time you get a vessel's track displayed on the Live Map, the Show Track Options toolbar is brought out. Click on it and you will be able to get animated vessel tracks by simply clicking on the Play button.


You are able to select different track lengths by defining alternate time-frames. While the SELECT TIME PERIOD tab is enabled, use the From: and To: fields to easily define your desired time-frame from the calendar that pops-up.

Note: The available track length depends on your legacy Plan or Online Service.

Once the playback starts you will be able to use a set of controls which will enable you to further personalise the way you will be viewing it:

  • Tick the selection box next to the Show Track option to be able to see the vessel's relative position in comparison to her recorded vessel tracks
  • Select the speed of the animated playback from the drop-down menu next to the Speed option (ranging from real-time to x1440)
  • Click on the Zoom on track option to quickly re-focus on the vessel's track in case you have moved around the Live Map
  • Click the Replay button to replay the animation when it ends.
  • Click on the Back Arrow button to return to the initial options panel.
  • Click on the X to close the Show Track Options toolbar

Animated_Playback.gifNote: You can get the control panel retracted at any time by clicking on the Hide Track Options button. Right-click on the Live Map to make vessels' tracks and track options disappear.