Port Details Page

Find all the available information regarding any port (or marina) you are interested in by visiting the Port Details page of it. The most common ways to do so are:

  • by clicking on the Port Details button from the respective infowindow:


  • by clicking on the Port's Name under the results in the Search Bar (In cases of synonymies, make sure that you click on the name of a port and not on the name of, say, a vessel with an identical name to the port's)


  • by clicking on the Port's Name under the Result column in the Data Exploration Tool. 


In any case, the Port Details page will come up. It is comprised of sections that contain a lot of information about various aspects regarding the subject port. 

Basic details such as its location and time-zone are displayed just below its name. Note that you can click on the Show on Map icon to have a close look at the port on the MarineTraffic Live Map. Click on the numbers next to the Vessels in Port and Expected Arrivals to see the respective lists.

Use the MiniMap to move around the port area.

Note I: The MarineTraffic icons in the MiniMap are still active - hover your mouse's index over any of them and get informed about the corresponding vessel.

All the vessel movements that take place in the subject port are recorded and can be found in the next section of the Port Details page. Click on the appropriate tab to get information on:

  • Vessels that are currently in the port
  • the most recent arrivals and departures
  • Expected arrivals
  • and even a local wind forercast!

Click on the adjacent Show all button to get the full picture regarding each tab's contents.

In some cases, especially in major ports, you will be able to find a list of companies that operate or have offices in the respective area (Companies at the port). Click on any company's name to access its MarineTraffic Bussiness Directory profile page.

Photos of the subject port can be found at the top right corner of the Details page. Click on the Upload a photo button to upload your own photos of the port.

Finally, the available traffic data for each port is displayed on scrutable charts. Click on the respective tab to get:

  • A Port Congestion bar chart (fully unlocked with the Port Congestion Service)
  • a bar chart displaying the daily arrivals of vessels by type (Recent Vessel Arrivals)
  • a pie chart displaying the arrivals of vessels by type for the past 30 days (All Vessels by Type)
  • a diagram displaying the arrivals and departures on a daily basis (Arrivals & Departures)
  • a diagram displaying the average arrivals and departures through the day (Average Arrivals & Departures)