Port Details Page

You may visit the Port Details page to find all the available information regarding any port (or marina) you are interested in. 

Vessel in port

The most common ways to open the Port Details page are as follows: 

  • by typing the port’s name in the Search bar in the middle of the screen. The drop-down menu will appear with the alternatives so you will be able to select the one of your interest (in cases of synonyms, make sure that you click on the name of a port and not on the name of a vessel with an identical name). As soon as you click on the Port name, you will be redirected to the Details Page. 

  • by clicking on the Port`s icon on the Live Map, and clicking on the “Details” button.

  • Or by searching in our Ports Database located on the left side of the LiveMap. As soon as the Port is found you may simply click on the Port`s name under the Result column: 

On the Port`s Details page, you will be able to see the basic details, at the top of the page, which is the port name, along with the origin Country.
Additionally, there is a tab “CREATE NOTIFICATIONS”. By clicking on it you will be able to set up notifications related to the subject Port that best suit your needs from a broad list of available notification types. Please learn more about how to create Notifications here.

Also, the sections below are available on the Port Details page:


Under this section, you can see a Live map preview by using the Mini Map and by clicking on the “View on live map” button, you can have a close look at the port on the MarineTraffic Live Map.
The vessels` icons in the Mini Map are still active, you may hover your mouse over any of them and get informed about the corresponding vessel.

Below the Mini Map, you can find Wind Forecast details, such as upcoming local wind speed & directions as well as Temperature.

Further, a summary of the port is presented, including information, such as the port location, the port`s county, and UN/LOCODE, as well as other alternative names of the port.

Also, you can find some photos of the port and some general information, such as the port's coordinates, the number of terminals and berths, the related anchorage, the local time, as well as the number of vessels in port, expected arrivals, departures and arrivals (last 24hrs), and the Max draught, deadweight and length.
You may click on the “Upload a photo” button and upload your own photos of the port.

A detailed table of Terminals in port is also included.

Lastly, a table of all the businesses at port, which is a list of companies that operate or have offices in the respective area, included in MarineTraffic Business Directory, can be found on the Port details page. Please click on the company's name if you wish to review the respective company's Business profile page.

In port

Under this section, you can find the list of vessels that are currently at the subject port. Clicking on the View full list tab, you will be directed to the Vessels page.

Expected Arrivals

Here you can find the list of vessels that are expected to arrive at the subject port. Clicking on the View full list tab, you will be directed to the Expected Arrivals page.

Arrivals and departures

This section includes all the recent Port Calls made to the subject port. Clicking on the View full list tab, you will be directed to the Vessels page.

Port congestion

Please note that our Enterprise plan will give you access to the port congestion data for activities over the last 1 year that will enable you to check weekly waiting times by port, market, and vessel size class. 


Finally, the available traffic data for each port is displayed on scrutable charts. You may click on the respective tab to see all the available data.

In the news

Any article or block, related to the port of reference, that has been posted through the years, can be found on the Port Deatils page.

Note: Most of the above details can be unlocked with the relevant Plan.