What information can I get about Lights?

Light Details pages enable you to find all the relevant information regarding Lighthouses and AtoNs. The most common ways to get there are:

  • by clicking on the Light's Name under the "Result" column after performing a quick-search. (In cases of synonymies, make sure that you click on the name of a light or AtoN and not on the name of, say, a vessel with an identical name to the light's)


In any case, the Light Details page will come up. In it, you will be able to find:

Basic information regarding each Light. Click on its coordinates, as shown below, to get there on the Live Map.

All the available information regarding the Light's type and characteristics.

A MiniMap of the area where the Light is located. Note that by hovering your mouse's index over the MarineTraffic icons, information boxes will pop-up informing you about the corresponding vessels.

A list of Nearby Vessels at the given time you visit the Light Details page. Vessels are ordered by their proximity to the subject Light. Click on more if you wish to view a more detailed list of nearby vessels.

Finally, as with all MarineTraffic Details pages, you are able to see the photos that other users have uploaded to the MarineTraffic Photo Directory. You can upload your photos of the subject Light by simply clicking on the "Upload Photo" button. Click on the adjacent "Light Photos" button to view all the Light's photo.