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View which Vessels are in any Port

You can easily find all the information regarding the number and the identity of the vessels that are in any specified port at any given time.

  • Click on the indication next to "Ships in Port now" on any port's InfoWindow (in this case you get a list of all the vessels that are in the subject port through the Port Details page of it)

  • Click on the "Show all" option while the "Vessels in Port" tab is active at the port's Details page (this way you will get a full list of all the vessels that are currently in the specified port)

The full list (in terms of presentation and functionality) is identical to the one provided when searching for In Range vessels with the addition of a port filter so that the results will only show the in range vessels which are in the specified port (the port which the Details page was about)

Clicking on the "Clear filters" option will result in resetting the search and making it similar to any In Range search for vessels.

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