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Fleet Status Controls

Fleet Status Controls enable you to dictate the way you handle vessels, which belong to any of your fleets, with ease and efficiency.

Provided you have created your own fleets, you will come across such controls in:

  • the Fleet Management page (at the list of vessels that constitute your selected fleet under the "Vessels" tab)


These are the actions you may perform using each one of the Status Controls:

When setting a vessel to OFF, she remains in your fleet for future reference but is de-activated. This means that for as long as a vessel is under this status:

  • you will not be viewing her in the Fleet status page
  • she will not be displayed on the Live Map when viewing your fleet on it.

Note that de-activated vessels do not count towards your overall fleet size limit.

This is the default vessel's status when added to your fleet. You can see her both on the Fleet status page and on the Live Map.

Note that the sum of ON and SAT vessels in your fleets cannot be greater than the limit set by your subscription plan and the fleet extension add-ons that you might have purchased.

Set a vessel's status to SAT to be able to track her via undelayed Sat-AIS (when available).

To be able to use this control you should:

  • either have subscribed to a SAT or SAT PRO plan
  • or have purchased SAT Add-ons (regardless of your subscription plan)

Note that the maximum number of SAT vessels you can have in your fleet is dictated by your subscription plan and the satellite add-ons you may have purchased. 

Click on the Delete button to permanently remove a vessel from your fleet.


In case you have created multiple fleets, you may also use the following options:

Click on the Copy button to copy a vessel to another fleet of yours - the subject vessel will remain visible in both fleets.

Click on the Cut button to move a vessel to another fleet of yours - the subject vessel will be visible in the fleet she was moved to only.

In both cases, you will be asked to choose the fleet in which the subject vessel will be copied/moved to and define her initial status (ON, OFF, SAT).

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