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Get a detailed overview of your Fleet Status

Go to the Fleet Status page to get a detailed overview of your Fleet Status. In order to do so, you may:

  • directly get there by clicking on the "Vessels" tab on the MarineTraffic homepage and selecting the "My Fleets" option.

Only vessels which belong to your fleet will be listed in the search results. In case you have created multiple fleets, your default fleet will be displayed. However, you can switch to another fleet of yours by selecting it from the "Select Fleet" option.

Notice the adjacent buttons - click on the "Show Fleet on map" button to view the selected fleet on the Live Map or click on the "Manage Fleets" button to get to the "Fleet Management" page. Click on the "Create Fleet-based Notifications" button to use the selected Fleet as a Notifications asset in order to create a new set of Notifications regarding it.

As with other search pages, you are able to apply filters in order to narrow down your search results - you might find this function handy in case you have created large fleets!

If you want to reset all filters click on the "Clear filters" option. If you want the filtering options to be retracted click on the "Hide Filters" tab - keep in mind that hiding filters will not reset them.

Every vessel that is part of your selected fleet will be presented in the search results area. This way, you will be able to immediately find all the information regarding any of them!

You are also able to click on certain fields and perform the respective actions:

  • Click on the Vessel's Name to get to the Details page of her
  • Click on her Photo to view all the available photos of her in the MarineTraffic Photo Directory
  • Click on the Map icon under the "Last Position Received" column to view the respective vessel's last recorded position on the Live Map
  • Click on the Current (if the vessel is stopped) or on the Last Known Port to view the respective port on the Live Map
  • Click on the vessel's Destination port to get to the Port Details page of it

In addition to all these details, you can also use the Fleet Status Controls, which are located at the right end of each vessel's row, to define the respective vessel's fleet status (ON/OFF/SAT) and to copy or move vessels to other fleets of yours.

As always, you can order the results by clicking once on one of the following column titles: IMO, MMSI, Vessel Name, Photo, Destination, ETA(UTC). Click twice on the same column title to reverse the order.

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